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Emergency Power Services

Your National Battery Specialists since 1976

Battery Monitoring Installation and Services

As the heart of a critical power system, batteries require true state-of-the-art monitoring. EPSCO can supply and install industry-leading equipment to monitor the pulse of your battery system. We also offer monthly reporting and monitoring of the battery conditions with our 7 x 24 monitoring contract. This includes daily impedance readings and instant reponding of adverse conditions. A monitoring contract will provide peace of mind that the heartbeat will continue and the critical power system will respond when called upon.

Emergency Battery Service and Maintenance

EPSCO provides around the clock emergency and corrective maintenance for critical power equipment to include UPS, Battery Systems and Inverters. Our 24 hour on call staff will quickly and professionally handle your call by obtaining the crucial information for technician dispatch or technical support. Typical phone response time occurs in 15 minutes or less for after hour calls. Service tickets are tracked from the initial contact to completion. Technicians are also able to retrieve previous service reports on systems for the quickest diagnostics and repairs possible. Although contracted customers receive priority status, we will respond to non-contracted customers with the same urgency and diligence.

All Battery Replacements - VLA, VRLA, Lithium, and NiCAD

EPSCO understands that the weakest link in any in UPS or Telecom system is the battery. As a consumable, batteries are designed to perform for a specified amount of time based upon technology, amount of use and heat exposure to name a few. There is a difference in performance and life expectancy when comparing manufacturers and EPSCO provides the highest rated batteries in the industry. Our battery replacement services include a comprehensive report outlining the anticipated failures or the evidence of full failures. In addition, full recommendations are also provided to ensure that premature failures are avoided and that the designed life of the battery is expended to its fullest potential. EPSCO guarantees our labor and warranties batteries in house should that become necessary.

UPS Commissioning and Recertification

Performing Level 1 through 5 Commissioning, Ensuring that your critical power system has been correctly installed, appropriately configured and will perform as designed; a thorough system commissioning should occur which will provide compliance with not only the UPS manufacturer specifications but also to verify the system integrates with the critical system as a whole. We understand that commissioning not only pertains to new systems, but relocated or refurbished systems. EPSCO will ensure that the system will support the critical load seamlessly with real world testing. Custom recertification programs for replacement systems will be deigned with critical customer loads in place.

EPA Certified Battery Recycling Services

Lead-acid batteries are virtually 100% recyclable and top the list of the most highly recycled consumer product at a rate of 97%. A new lead-acid battery will contain 60%-80% recycled lead and plastic.

EPA Certified Battery Recycling services are included in any battery replacement service EPSCO performs. Spent batteries can be delivered to any of our warehouses or pickup services can be scheduled for larger quantities of batteries. EPSCO recognizes the need to take ownership of the critical system batteries we sell and remove, thus adopting a cradle to grave obligation.

UL 924 Emergency Lighting

EPSCO is proud to be the factory-authorized service provider for various emergency lighting manufacturers. We can provide factory start-up and testing as well as full replacement for UL 924 compliant emergency lighting systems from: Emergilite, Lithenia, Myres, and Dualite.

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