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Emergency Power Services Company is headquartered in Denver, CO with satellite offices located coast to coast. With over 135 years of combined experience, we value honesty and commitment to quality workmanship and are your single source for critical power equipment and service.


Year Established
Megawatts Installed in 48 Months



Years of Combined Experience


Batteries Monitored

Our best advertising has always been word-of-mouth, therefore, our main goal is always satisfying our customers. We achieve this goal by performing routine maintenance, observation, monitoring, testing and data collection from the operating power installation to detect signs of possible present or future trouble. We report our findings to the equipment owner so the problem can be corrected before it becomes a catastrophic failure. This also provides us the ability to perform minor equipment repairs without a system shutdown and prior to any power disturbance or loss of operation occurs.

We have seen hundreds of different applications and all of our technicians are familiar with the indicative signs of potential issues. 
Armed with this information, EPSCO technicians will always attempt to solve a potential problem before it actually becomes one. Systems range from 250 watt single-phase to 4 megawatt redundant uninterruptible power systems and single engine to multiple engine-generator systems. EPSCO strives to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and customer service with continuous training, in-house repair facilities and ensuring our warehouses are stocked full of most replacement parts and batteries for emergency electrical support systems. In combination, these are the key ingredients to accomplishing our goal to provide the consistent and reliable services our customers depend on all the time, every time.

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